American Night Writers

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Today is the ANWA (American Night Writers’s Association) conference. It’s wonderful to be here with all of my fellow authors and to hear all of the great tips from Those Who Know All.

Last night I got to go to the meet and greet and got to talk to the amazing Kirk Shaw, editor for Covenant Communications and fellow i-Pad enthusiast. What an amazing down-to-earth guy! I also got to hear a personal rendition of Kelly Mortimer’s “Gilligan’s Island Meets Obama”, which soon should be available on youtube.

Speaking of youtube, Check out my book trailer Monday morning!

A shout out to Sibley Giles of Barnes and Noble, thanks for taking the time to talk to me. (I swear I’ve met her before…)

As J Scott Savage said last year, “Writers are weird.”


It’s official!

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After all that hard work and effort, Black Sand is finally finished! This is the completed cover on the book, and there are a handful of beautifully drawn illustrations inside all by the lovely Amy Finder. Thank you to everyone who helped this come together, it wouldn’t have been possible without all of you. The book launch was a huge success, and photos will be part of this post. So many people came and contributed to a worthy cause, thank you.



Of interviews and advice

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Today I had an interview on AchieveRadio! You can listen to it by clicking the link at the bottom of the post. The show is wonderful and Joe is interesting and intelligent.  Let me know how you like it and tell me the tow times I messed up?!

Today’s show will air on <>  this Sat. 1 PM, PC time. On the following Monday, it will be placed into the show Archives located at

About Black Sand

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Black SandReleased December 2009.

ICESS, a beautiful yet insecure girl goes to a white sandy island for college with her friend CATRIONA. They search for a doorway to dreams. ICESS finds power and connection with nature in water, sand and shadow. Christmas lights cover the tropical buildings where she dances in the warm breezes of youth. She meets powerful, dark, magnetic AFI, native to another island and prince of BLACK SAND.

AFI left his BLACK SAND Island to study at college before becoming chief. He is not supposed to fall in love. Real passion is reflected in ocean winds when they swim to a deserted island. She learns about his traditions and he learns about her childhood in an orphanage.

When ICESS gives up independence to AFI, things become complicated. She does not realize what is happening. She is drawn to another man, BRIDGES, tall, gentle and poetic. Still she closes herself to the truth. In her struggle for resolution ICESS is watched and assisted by the ocean breezes.

Escalating challenges are reflected in BLACK SAND. Cultural power needs healing from crisis. She desires to be let go, to be able to flow in liquid freedom of dreams. What brought them all together is intense passion. What is breaking them apart . . .

Black Sand